This is a PSA to those in the service industry and those who frequently participate as guest/customers/patrons

“Be considerate to your service staff and service staff be considerate to your guest”

When you woke up on the wrong side of the bed what made you think that anyone wanted to join you. Yes that question is rhetorical because I shouldn’t have to even ask.

Sharing your pissy attitude and unprofessional demeanor is not ok. When you do this It causes a snowball effect. What would make you think that being rude would ever be ok.

Service staff; you are a team. Pooled duties equal your pooled tips and if one person is coming up short you all will.

Guest/customers/patrons of the service industry “show some respect” I have witnessed more guest/customers/patrons treat service workers like they are commoners. SERIOUSLY!!!!

You never know whose life you are impacting. So be very cognizant of your behavior.

If you have had a bad day “compartmentalize” it. When not good is shared not good grows. Smile through your tough times don’t take them out on people. If you interact negatively with someone then that energy gets placed on the next person.

Be responsible for yourself and how you treat others. Not everyone is capable of turning bad to good. So everyone needs to try harder, deal better, be kinder, be nice! Please imagine the shoe on the other foot. #justsaying #carryon


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