TODAY….wake up being thankful, thoughtful and determined. Know what can be pursued, what can be changed and what can add value to your life. Know that the universe is “Universal” therefore; the universe is made up of many different elements. When you seek “your” likeness, when you rest in that comfortable place, when you exclude discomfort and judge the differences around you; you miss out on a vast amount of unique opportunities that could impact your life. Remember to prune your life so you can grow. Do this today and everyday.

The limits you feel are the limits you allow to be present. Be limitless and dream big

The limits you feel are the limits you allow to be present. Be Limitless …..Dream Big …… Create the change you want to see. feel and accept in your life Trich’ism

You can’t be me

imageWhy even try to be me. Is it because you admire me when you act like you hate me. Do you throw shade when really all you want to do is bask in my light. How about you aspire to be me because I inspire you. Talking shit is never a plus rather several minuses. I am amazingly motivated to rise above and keep on keeping on through adversity and the challenges life has to offer. Be my own boss with out paying the cost. I’ll holla ❤️

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Ain’t nothing to it but to do it

My Poompa (grandfather) was my hero……. I loved his sense of humor, his amazing oatmeal on those cold school mornings, his affection for our family, his burgundy bathrobe, his blue Cadillac, and his hugs that were absolutely magical.


I giggle like him, swear like him, love hard like he did and I put my all into what ever is placed before me.


So today when I got frustrated, my heart ached, I wanted to cry or punch the closets wall I thought of my Poompa and what he would do….. He always said “Ain’t nothin to it but to do it” with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.

imageI may not have a smile, my eye twinkle is definitely a little dim right now; but I’m doing it…. what ever it is….. I am on a mission so you can either try to block my light or cheer me on. In the end I’m going to live and live big. #letsgo



This is a PSA to those in the service industry and those who frequently participate as guest/customers/patrons

“Be considerate to your service staff and service staff be considerate to your guest”

When you woke up on the wrong side of the bed what made you think that anyone wanted to join you. Yes that question is rhetorical because I shouldn’t have to even ask.

Sharing your pissy attitude and unprofessional demeanor is not ok. When you do this It causes a snowball effect. What would make you think that being rude would ever be ok.

Service staff; you are a team. Pooled duties equal your pooled tips and if one person is coming up short you all will.

Guest/customers/patrons of the service industry “show some respect” I have witnessed more guest/customers/patrons treat service workers like they are commoners. SERIOUSLY!!!!

You never know whose life you are impacting. So be very cognizant of your behavior.

If you have had a bad day “compartmentalize” it. When not good is shared not good grows. Smile through your tough times don’t take them out on people. If you interact negatively with someone then that energy gets placed on the next person.

Be responsible for yourself and how you treat others. Not everyone is capable of turning bad to good. So everyone needs to try harder, deal better, be kinder, be nice! Please imagine the shoe on the other foot. #justsaying #carryon