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Patricia A Sylvester Owner N.O.L.A. Entertainment LLC Entertainment and Special Events Production Company

Patricia A Sylvester
“N.O.L.A. Entertainment LLC”
Entertainment and Special Events Production Company
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TODAY….wake up being thankful, thoughtful and determined. Know what can be pursued, what can be changed and what can add value to your life. Know that the universe is “Universal” therefore; the universe is made up of many different elements. When you seek “your” likeness, when you rest in that comfortable place, when you exclude discomfort and judge the differences around you; you miss out on a vast amount of unique opportunities that could impact your life. Remember to prune your life so you can grow. Do this today and everyday.

The limits you feel are the limits you allow to be present. Be limitless and dream big

The limits you feel are the limits you allow to be present. Be Limitless …..Dream Big …… Create the change you want to see. feel and accept in your life Trich’ism

People Pleaser

087When trying to please everyone all of the time it just leads to disappointment most of the time.

Someone is going to be unhappy  which is typically the pleaser. Some refuse to acknowledge, some take things for granted, some feel entitled, some take and take, some are confused, some are grateful, some respect,  some are indifferent, some could care less, some appreciate and some just float by.

Pleasing everyone is not a responsibility it is a choice. I believe people can only enhance your happiness not make you happy. So the next time you are on your people pleaser train tooting your horn and making sure you don’t go unnoticed for picking up the pieces and putting them where you think they should go consider this: you are on that train alone. Just show up and be you that is all anybody should every have to do ……because everything else will just follow.